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Q&A with Amata

Q&A with Amata

 What does it mean to live as God’s beloved?

… I will always have a place in God’s heart.
… To live as God’s beloved means to be his little girl and be lead by him.

          … It means that you follow his teachings and walk with him and let him fill the void in your life.

… It means to live as God would and that he created you and [you are] fully loved by him.

While at Amata, how were you able to connect with and worship God?


… I was able to authentically connect with God through beauty rituals – because we were actually reading the Bible, not just listening to what people said about it.  I learned that I want to read the Bible.


…I was able to connect with God when it was silent and when I was listening to music during JAMs.


… I was able to authentically worship God through music.  I love singing and guitar.  If the lyrics mean something, that’s special.


…I was able to authentically connect with God because when I would journal I felt like he was there and listening.


Do you have any advice for future campers?


Really use the time we get to learn and study about God FOR journaling.


…Be open.


… Be yourself, open up.  It’s going to be rough, but that’s ok.  It’s so worth it.  Getting to know your creator is the best gift you could ever get on your own.




Cool Stuff they told us:


          … [While at Amata] I accepted Jesus Christ into my life.


… When I went outside and listened to the waterfall, I felt like I was sitting on God’s lap and he was singing me to sleep.


…It was amazing to be in a place so centered on God and his truth, with people that care so much about him, loving and serving him and us, and growing closer to him.  I felt very known and valued by the girls, staff – they accepted and loved me and encouraged me.


…It was great and really funny when everyone said, “Amata!”, and we had to chant back, “Beloved!”  I definitely felt known and valued.


…I want to get closer to God, so I’m glad that we got to take a time in the day just to worship God.

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