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CILT: Campers in Leadership Training, A Student’s Story

CILT: Campers in Leadership Training, A Student’s Story

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CILT: Campers in Leadership Training

Maybe you’ve seen CILT in the Mount Hermon Brochure, or heard someone at Mount Hermon talk about this amazing program where Juniors and Seniors get a chance to take their camp experience to another level. We asked Matt to tell you what CILT is like in his own words.

By Matt, CILT Camper, 2011

Early in the year 2011 I had the opportunity to apply for a position at camp that in hindsight changed my life forever. I heard about the CILT program through my past experiences, and since I grew up always wanting to be a counselor, CILT gave me the opportunity to do that. I spent one week training to be a counselor, and another actually getting the chance to counsel and lead a small group of middle schoolers. I’m serious when I say that the two weeks I spent at camp were the best in my whole life. I grew so close to the whole staff and they were all so close to God. Through these two weeks, I reoriented my life and aimed it towards God which has led me to where I am at today. I learned to be myself and not be ashamed of who I was and who I wanted to be. I learned to pursue God with reckless abandon and to never be afraid of where he takes me in life.  I think everyone should take the opportunity to do CILT. A goal of Mount Hermon is to have people leave with “Lives Transformed,” and I can tell you, CILT is a life transforming experience.

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