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Cambria Crusher

Cambria Crusher

Once upon a time Mark Bradshaw, Conference Services Manager, Mount Hermon Adventures Race Team Member and avid cyclist, had an idea…..”What if a group of folks woke up early, left Mount Hermon by bicycle and rode down Highway 1 to Cambria?  It’s only 165 miles away and there is plenty of daylight still in August.”

Thus an idea was born and a crew was assembled.  Mark organized a tight time schedule for the day, food and a support crew.

On August 19th after a final equipment check and prayer the crew left Mount Hermon at 5:30am.  Happily the trip was successful!  All it took was 4 granola bars, 6 energy gels, 2 turkey sandwiches, 1 pbj, 12 bottles of water, 2 Gatorade, 1.5 king size Snickers, a cappuccino, and one magical iced tea! (That’s just what one person ate!)

It was an absolutely breathtaking ride with long climbs, sweeping descents, fog, sun, wind, redwoods and views that stretch for miles.

Wanna come along next time? Look for this trip to be available in a more leisurely three day format in the Spring/Summer of 2014 as we continue to add new programs!

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