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Velocity Visits Mammoth Bike Park

Velocity Visits Mammoth Bike Park

As summer is attempting to become fall we’ve been out enjoying riding bikes and gearing up for what is supposed to be a wet winter. Looking for slightly cooler temperatures and some epic dirt, Velocity staff Nate Pfefferkorn and Doug Cline headed over to Mammoth Mountain a few weeks ago to learn more about lift-served operations, trail design, and of course to do some riding.

nate and doug

Nate and Doug getting ready to drop in off the summit of Mammoth Bike Park

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park has a lot going for it—3500 acres of terrain and over 80 miles of single track means you can ride hard for two days and not ride the same trail twice! Mammoth has done an excellent job of creating trails for all levels of riders and has some excellent lift-served XC style trails along with more resort-typical gravity and DH lines. Not to mention some of the best high-altitude views anywhere!

From the Top

View from Mammoth summit looking west

Mammoth also has linkages to the Lakes Basin area and USFS roads and trails. By partnering with public land agencies the Mammoth area has created great options for riders both on and off the mountain. It’s possible to ride off the summit on mostly downhill trails for over 20 miles by connecting trails through public lands.

20 miles

Joining Mammoth Bike Park trails with USFS trails makes for some epic descents

Santa Cruz and it’s various land agencies have a lot they could learn from Mammoth about creating fun, sustainable multi-use trails that would draw people to the area and showcase it’s natural beauty.

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