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Recruiting for 2010 Summer Staff

Recruiting for 2010 Summer Staff

I just finished several weeks of recruiting in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois and Northern California. The schools that we recruit from are:

  • Trinity International, Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton, in Chicago
  • Cedarville in Ohio
  • Hope, Calvin, Cornerstone, in Michigan
  • Taylor, Indiana Wesleyan, Huntington and DePauw in Indiana
  • Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Chico, Simpson College, UC Davis, William Jessup University and Bayside Church in Sacramento, California

It is cold out in the mid-west in February for a California boy like me but we talk to some great students every year that would love to spend a summer working in a camp in California!

We are pretty much in the selection process for summer staff now but we are still getting applications (middle March) on a daily basis. If you know of some good students that should be encouraged to apply, let them know. We have great candidates but are always open to more applications.

This will probably be my last year to visit these schools because we have a great new younger person who is ready to take on this assignment. Charlie Broxton is our new Youth Director at Mount Hermon and will oversee the Youth Programs at Mount Hermon and Ponderosa Lodge. He comes to us from Twin Lakes Church in Aptos (near Santa Cruz) and is uniquely gifted for this ministry. I like the way he works with people and believe he will be a great addition to our staff to direct our Youth Programs and to pick up recruiting in the mid-west.

Ron Demolar
Associate Director of Advancement

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  • It is a WONDER to see the growth and changes at Mt Hermon! Blessings!
    Memories are rich… from when I was a camper, counselor, and even the Camp Nurse in 1967. May the Lord continue to grow in the lives of all who are a part of Mt Hermon. Thank you for your very special ministry.

  • Thanks for your note Dorene. I wonder if you worked with my brother, Jim, at Redwood Camp in 1967? I didn’t get to Mount Hermon until September 1967 and haven’t left. Thanks for serving the Lord in this ministry… Ron Demolar

  • Forgot to check back… so a year plus months later … I think I recall your brother.
    However I was in a tiny infirmary… behind the old Dining Hall in the Main Conference area. (It is long gone.) The patients would be checked in the first tiny room, and I lived in the next tiny room. There was a bath and closet at the end. We were not very busy, so I was able to help the kids in most of the other departments(child care, the fountain, the dining hall, the kitchen, and more). Great fun! And I helped produce the Summer Book…
    photos and comments of all the Staff. Best Regards. Dorene Rhoads, Dallas Pennsylvania

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