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Staff Alumni Newsletter: December 2011

Staff Alumni Newsletter: December 2011

It’s a time of transition at Mount Hermon as Ron Demolar, who has impacted countless lives over four decades at Mount Hermon, has retired. Sort of. He has now accepted a position on Mount Hermon’s board of trustees which is an appointment for life.

Ron asked if Leslie and I would take over as the coordinators for alumni and we agreed.

In our first letter to all of you, this is what came to mind.

Lives Transformed

“Lives Transformed” –  it’s the statement found on all Mount Hermon literature.

It is always an indication of a story. Mount Hermon holds a special place in the lives of so many including my own, that have been impacted by the ministry here, through the teaching of the Word, worship, fellowship and for many such as you, serving here for a season.

After being widowed for a year and coming back to MH to co-lead a conference in 2005, my children introduced me to (they set us up) Leslie Cooper, a former staffer who oversaw childcare and day camp for nearly 10 years and worked with many of you. It wasn’t my script but God’s using my kids and former Day Camp staff to put us together. It worked! Leslie Cooper has been Leslie Burns for over five years now and we live  in Mount Hermon where I minister as the Director of Adult Ministries.

So many of you have stories to tell of the impact Mount Hermon has had in your lives. How many of you met your future spouse at Mount Hermon as we did? How often have we heard the story: “as a summer staffer in such and such a year I worked with this girl and now we’re married with children of our own.”

Leslie and I are interested in hearing your story. Would you send us an email telling us the impact Mount Hermon has had on your lives? We’d love to create a collection of those stories.

And stay tuned! We want to coordinate an alumni reunion at a Mount Hermon Conference next year!

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year

Dave and Leslie Burns

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