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28 ’til 28

28 ’til 28

By Dave Burns
Director of Adult Ministries

As the Director of Adult Ministries I’m often asked “What is a Mount Hermon Associate?”  Associates are those who give generously to fund the non-glamorous, day to day work of ministry at Mount Hermon.

Projects like: new decks on the cabins at Ponderosa Lodge, new pathway lighting at Redwood Camp, a new staff lounge at the Conference Center to serve our summer staff, and a new deck on Timberline Lodge at Kidder Creek have all been made possible in recent years by funds given by our Associates.

Mount Hermon Associates are known, they pray, celebrate and give $500 or more annually to either the Mount Hermon Fund or Campership Fund.

Here’s a note we received from Jason Jenks-summer staff alumnus and Associate since 2010

“How could I not give to a place that has given so much to me? I have been fortunate enough to attend family camps, go to Ponderosa, serve on summer staff, and work as an intern, and through these experiences my life has been forever changed….”

We are so grateful for the alumni like Jason who have committed to partnering with us. We know many of our staff alumni who have been on summer staff in recent years want to support the ministry of Mount Hermon, but are not in a financial place to give at the Associate level yet.  We get that, though you might want to be an Associate, starting salaries and getting established in life make it difficult to be as generous as you would like. We are offering a solution to that very need right now.

We’re calling it 28 ‘til 28. Here’s how it works:

Anyone who has been on summer staff at Mount Hermon and is under the age of 28 can become an Associate by giving $28 per month. They may stay an Associate at this giving level until they are 28! They receive all the benefits of being part of our Mount Hermon Associate family, including being prayed for by our staff, receiving ministry updates, and an invitation to be our guest to our annual Associates in Ministry (AIM) Celebration each May at Mount Hermon.

Would you consider becoming an Associate and helping support the ministry of Mount Hermon? It’s easy! You can sign up for automatic monthly donations online. For more information or to sign up fill out the form on this page with your name and e-mail address. Andrew Summers will contact you to welcome you aboard.



Dave Burns
Director of Adult Ministries

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