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Alumni Bring Students to Fall Frenzy

Alumni Bring Students to Fall Frenzy

By Andrew Summers
Campaign Coordinator

Each fall Mount Hermon hosts four weekend events for youth. This year over 700 Jr. High and High School students along with their youth leaders will attend these events that pack the fun and spiritual impact of a week of summer camp into 48 hours.

During the first Fall Frenzy, speaker Jeffrey Dean shared the gospel on Saturday night and invited students to respond by making a decision to commit their lives to Christ. When Jeffrey asked those who had made a decision to stand, 65 students responded!

This year’s theme, “Far-Out, Awesome, Excellent, Party On!” encourages students to examine the attributes of God and to see that because of His awesomeness, we can party on! And as usual, God is at work! Our super-awesome youth programmers have decorated Ponderosa Lodge to reflect the ‘70’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s and grace the stage with sequined jumpsuits, disco balls, roller skates and music from these eras.  The ‘90’s pop playlist is my personal favorite.

One of the great things about Fall Frenzies is that so many students come with their churches. During their weekend together at camp, students and youth leaders build relationships that carry on for the rest of the year.

During the first Fall Frenzy in early November, former OSS naturalist and summer staffer Erik McIlvoy, (Bueno from Redwood Camp,) brought a group of students from the church where he serves as director of student ministries.  Erik shared with us a little about his experience:

“The best part for me was bonding with my students! Mount Hermon provided a great balance of program and free time giving a framework to build memories and have good talks. This weekend deepened our relationship and gave us memories to look back on. The whole experience was a strong reminder of why I love my job. There were no administrative tasks to complete and it allowed me to spend real time with my students.”

God is always capable of exceeding our expectations for an event and working powerfully in the lives of those who come to camp. We pray that the relationships and memories created during these weekends will endure and spur students on in their relationships with God. Please join us in praying for the students who have come so far and those that will come to our last Fall Frenzy this weekend.


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