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An Update on Roger’s Health, from Roger Himself!

An Update on Roger’s Health, from Roger Himself!

Roger and Rachel Williams

Dear Mount Hermon Staff Alumni,

This letter is a joy to write!  I want it to resound with gratitude and praise to our Lord!

And, I want to personally thank so many of you for your prayers on my behalf.  I’ve been

overwhelmed with your love. I’ve even cried about it!

Last year we let our Mount Hermon constituents know about a major surprise in my life, a cancer verdict.

{Continuation from Staff Alumni Letter}

For a robust, healthy guy who loves to cut firewood, hike off into the wilderness, and keep up with our energetic young staff at Mount Hermon, this was indeed a shock!  I was diagnosed with metastasized colon cancer resulting in four major tumors in my liver.  Recently, my oncologist “confessed” I had the worst liver he had ever seen in his years of practice.

They removed my gall bladder and a colon tumor in early March; by mid-May I had recovered sufficiently for chemotherapy to begin.  What has happened since then is cause for huge praise!  After eight months of chemotherapy (and a lot of prayer!), all my liver tumors have decreased 60% or more, and there is a continuing decrease of cancer markers in my blood tests.  My energy level has come back to the level of my pre-cancer days and with my oncologist’s urging and blessing, I have returned to work!  Each week seems to get better and I am growing in energy! I am so grateful to the Lord for His healing, and I am grateful to you for your prayers.

Although cancer is a rude traveling companion, along this journey the Lord has been teaching me some wonderful truths.  I have begun to experience the presence of the Lord in a new and deeper way.  In those moments when fear or anxiety penetrate my soul, I ask the Lord to come into the space of that fear or worry. Over and over, He comes, comes quickly —and in the comfort of His presence those fears melt away.  Rachel and I experience this joy and peace in abundance as we place our trust in Him. Without that trust, we would really get tied into knots!

I look forward to keeping you all updated as my journey progresses, so the next time you are at Mount Hermon, please stop by.  I’d love to reconnect.  I’d love to hear how you’re doing.  Please don’t stop praying!

Warmly in Christ,





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  • Hi Roger! Kendra and Brendan had mentioned to us as well all that you have been struggling with! We have prayed for you and what a blessing that you are doing much better! Praise the Lord! Thanks so much for sharing! We are so thankful to Mt. Hermon as staff members and as a family getting to come and enjoy times there! Thanks for all you do for Mt. Hermon.
    -Jenn and Patrick Philips

  • Dear Roger ~ Praise to our ever loving Lord and thanks for the update. I (Deb) have been kept up with your journey via Rachel’s facebook postings, and we will continue to pray for you as we have been. You will always be in our hearts and we treasure the time we spent working at Mount Hermon. May the Lord continue to bless you and heal you! Love and Hugs – Deb & Ric 🙂

  • Roger (and Rachel) we have been praying for you with fervor over the past year (can it be that long?) We know it has been a difficult journey and are so glad that you are back to feeling like yourself again. Praise God! Tom and Nancy

  • Hi Roger – Thank you for sharing this great news! You have been in our prayers and we never felt that God was done with you here yet. We can only guess, or try to imagine, how overwhelming this last year must have been for you and Rachael. As you gain His strength and healing we will watch for an opportunity to connect with the two of you in person again.
    Phil and Maelynn Sutterlin

  • I gave my life to Christ at a Mt Hermon mens retreat in 1990. I have been a frequent visitor with my family ever since and have always admired Roger as a humble servant leader. I am just now reading about your cancer and subsequent encouraging progress. You are in my prayers Roger as I believe you have many years still to serve at the greatest Christian camp on the planet.
    In His Grip, Mike Connolly

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