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Ransomed Heart Hosts Conference at Mount Hermon

Ransomed Heart Hosts Conference at Mount Hermon

Mens Retreat

By Hannah Wilson, Conference Services Intern

In February, 550 men gathered at Mount Hermon from 43 states and 9 different countries to seek God’s heart for their lives. Spearheaded by Ransomed Heart’s visionary, John Eldredge, this multi-generational group included professional surfers and athletes, writers, pastors, and more. Ransomed Heart’s primary desire is that Christians would understand their authority to live free lives as sons of God’s kingdom.

Through a series of profound sessions John and the Ransomed Heart team walked our guests through the process of fighting for the abundant life promised in Christ.

Continued from staff Alumni Newsletter

The conference encouraged men to confront their wounds and seek healing. Through movie clips, scripture, and testimonies, the sessions explored the unique ways Christ has wired the core desires of a man’s heart. Ransomed Heart used characters like William Wallace from the film Braveheart and James Braddock from Cinderella Man to illuminate the reality of spiritual warfare. Eldredge challenged the men that passive faith permits agreements with the enemy that can claim areas of their lives completely.

This retreat was marked by a deep sense of solidarity, as men congregated on our grounds at all hours of the day to talk and pray. One of our staff recalls a man admitting that for years, “he thought he was the only one.” Another man confessed that he felt filled with shame for the ways he’d allowed his painful past to manifest in harsh words towards his wife and children. Our staff encouraged him that the prime emphasis of a conference like this was to remind men that it is never too late.

Mount Hermon considered it an enormous privilege to partner with Ransomed Heart Ministries. Witnessing the direct impact Jesus had on the lives of these men was a powerful reminder of the awesome work that God does at camp all year long.

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