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Shipwrecked at Family Camp?

Shipwrecked at Family Camp?

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One of the most fun parts of preparing for summer for me has always been choosing a theme and creating a program that fully integrates it into every aspect of camp. This year at Family Camp the theme is “Sunk without Grace,” and campers of all ages will plunge into the concept of God’s amazing grace for us. As children and adults watch skits and play games about being shipwrecked at sea, they will dive into the Word and discover how without God’s grace, we’re all sunk.

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What I’m most excited about for this summer is the enormous potential that this theme has to promote lasting change in so many relationships. On Monday, campers will learn how our relationship with God is based on grace. On Tuesday, they will learn about our need to show grace to ourselves. Thursday will focus on what it looks like to show grace in our families, and Friday will focus on showing grace to our communities and to the world. Imagine the potential impact of considering the role of grace in every area of our lives! I can’t wait to see how learning about grace will transform the ways that people interact with God, with their families, and with their world.

Would you join us in praying for those who are coming to Family Camp this summer? Pray that the Lord would begin, even now, to prepare their hearts for what He has in store for them this summer. Please also pray for our staff, that we would be led by the Lord as we prepare this summer’s program.

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