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A Gold-Mining Extravaganza!

A Gold-Mining Extravaganza!

Junior Getway


Last month nearly 200 students came to Mount Hermon over two weekends for a fun-filled time of song, dance, games, and gold mining! This year’s Junior Getaway transported kids back to the old west as they learned how to “Dig into the Bible.”

Once again, the famous Mr. J joined us for the weekends to lead the kids in music and teaching. “Deputy J” focused on teaching kids the importance of reading the Bible, emphasizing that the Bible is “pure gold” and “kid possible.”

 [continued from Alumni Newsletter]

It was truly awesome to see students engage on such a deep level with the teaching and activities. Mr. J is a master at weaving together original songs with drama to create a seamless programmatic experience where the themes are reinforced at every step. Here are some of the things that students told us at the end of the weekend:

“My favorite part of the weekend was getting to be closer to my friends and God.”

“I learned that God will always be there for me and that he died for me.”

“I learned that God loves us no matter what we do.”

Wow! Such great things for kids to be learning at such a young age. Will you join us in continuing to pray for the students that were here last month? Thank you!

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