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Reporting Back: The Kitchen

Reporting Back: The Kitchen

The Conference Center kitchen is one of Mount Hermon’s busiest camp zones and it’s hard to overstate its impact on guests. 

With the kitchen’s help, families get a break from having to shop, prep, cook, and clean up after a meal so they can focus on rich fellowship and connection with each other.

 Fun Kitchen Facts:  

14 hours a day the kitchen is operating to prep, serve and clean        

100 staff are employed during summer         

240,000 meals are served every year

10,000 donuts are made each summer (most importantly!) 

Recently, some specific areas of the kitchen were in dire need of structural repair and equipment replacement. We reached out to donors like you and you responded!

Thanks to you, the kitchen now has…  

New flooring and sub-flooring (restoring structural integrity)

Giant Steam Kettles (for cooking pasta, corn, and ribs)

New Tilt-Skillet (used to brown meat, sauté veggies, and stir-fry)

New Steamer (for cooking rice and veggies)

Thank you for your generous gifts toward this project. Our prayer is that these upgrades will bless millions of people in the decades to come in this vital ministry zone. 

By Topher Matson
Advancement Team


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