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10 Date Night Conversation Starters

10 Date Night Conversation Starters

10 date night conversation starters

You probably already know that planned time together, apart from the kids and other distractions, is important to the health of your marriage. Perhaps most importantly intentional time together enhances your friendship and helps emotional connection. Open and honest communication is the bedrock of any relationship and takes time to nurture. Putting a “date night” into your routine can help you work with your spouse as a team and rekindle your desire for one another.

For many of us though when we think of “date night” images of romantic dinners and well-planned outings come to mind. While those are certainly fun, the important part is time together and good conversation which can be had for free by going on a leisurely walk, scenic drive, or even over a cup of coffee.

To help kick your “date night” off with good conversation, here are 10 topics to get you started:

1. My favorite memory from when we were dating is…

2. If we took 24 hours to do something within a 2 hour drive what should we do?

3. What is one thing you want to accomplish this year?

4. What are the best and worst gifts I’ve ever given you?

5. What is something new that you’d like to learn?

6. What do you think God is teaching us right now?

7. I laughed so hard when you…

8. What is one thing you wish I’d do more of and one thing you wish I’d stop doing?

9. What do you want to make sure we pass on to our kids?

10. I love it when you…

Often for couples that have been together for a while the hardest thing to do is break out of their routine but starting a new “date night” habit can make your lives together more joyful. The best relationships are when both people actively pursue one another out of a desire to know the other and love them well.

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