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Teachable Moments

Teachable Moments

Mom and Daughter at Summer Camp
If you have visited Kidder Creek Camp you know that spending time in creation is very important to us. We share adventures in God’s creation with campers because being on the river, a trail ride, or just sitting under the stars gives us shared experiences and time to be in awe of our God. It also makes for great conversations and “teachable moments” that translate into a learning experience for another area of life.

My Grandmother was the queen of teachable moments! She was always trying to turn every conversation back to Jesus! I’m very thankful to have a grandmother who cared for me and others in this way.

When I was five, we were on our way home from a vacation with extended family in Florida. With two vehicles and many children shuffling in and out, I was left behind at a gas station. My parents were in separate cars, there were no cell phones and each parent thought I was with the other. Thirty minutes down the road, my uncle slammed on the brakes in a ‘Home Alone moment’ and said “Where’s Andy!?”. He somehow realized that I had been left behind.

When my uncle pulled into the gas station, I had been there about an hour. They found me sitting casually and talking with the attendant. My grandmother saw her opportunity and pounced. She asked in her strong New England accent, “Why weren’t you afraid Andy?”. She looked at me hopefully and thought I was going to give the Sunday School answer, “Well, I knew Jesus was with me, and so I wasn’t afraid!” Instead I said, “Well, G. I. Joe told me that if I was ever lost, to stay put and stay calm and someone would come for me.” It wasn’t the answer she had been expecting, but a moment and a lesson that has stuck with me ever since. It’s also a story my kids ask to hear often!

This story reminds me of this last year. It was not what we expected, but God moves in mysterious ways!

II Timothy 2:2 tells us to pass on what we have learned to others, who will teach others. We have today to make a difference in the lives of our kids and those whom God has placed in our lives to bless, encourage and teach.

A teachable moment is the best way to have your teaching stick. Look for opportunities throughout each day to apply truth to a moment.

Here are a few ideas for teachable moments at home. They may not turn out as expected, but either way you will have shared memories and some fun too. We could all enjoy a bit more fun right now!

  • Go on a Weekend Family Campout.
  • Take a long walk, hike or bike ride and watch the sunset.
  • Host a backyard campout, with a campfire if you are able. Put the phones away and enjoy time together in conversation.
  • Before you head to bed, take some time to do some stargazing.
Before the weekend pray that God will use this intentional time to draw your family closer to each other and to Jesus. And as always, live the Adventure!
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