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With all your hearts and minds

With all your hearts and minds

by PJ Boyd

As we continue along with our journey of having a better understanding of what worship is let me tell you a quick story.  In the early weeks of college career at Bethany University, I attended a chapel service.  At this time, I was still new to Bethany University, trying to find friends, fit in with a good group of friends, and so on and so forth.  So I am sitting in the service, and there is point in the musical worship service when people were singing and talking in different languages, tones, off key, eyes were closed and hands were in the air.  And as seconds passes by it seemed everybody was getting louder and louder.  And at the same time, I couldn’t concentrate on praying.  But over the course of time I would come to learn and appreciate that this is a worship style.  Sure we may have different views of what worship is but the most important thing about what we do when we worship is keeping God first and having Him in our thoughts.  So if I could encourage everyone to try and worship God in a different way to change a pace with our normal lives maybe by spending time in solitude, writing in a journal, when singing songs closing your eyes and raising your hands, take a nature walk with God, spend time in prayer, playing the guitar and letting words flow out.  Again these are only examples not the only ways of worshiping our Heavenly Father.


Worship God with all your hearts and minds.


Good Luck!

~Patrick Boyd

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  • Thanks, Patrick. We need to be reminded that there are a multitude of “styles” of praise offered up to our Lord…many we may not ever be aware of! How wonderful our Lord is that He so graciously takes the praise we offer Him. He looks into the heart and the mind of each one of us and finds infinite ways to bless us. God has blessed me through you, Patrick.

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