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Lives Transformed at Kidder Creek

Lives Transformed at Kidder Creek

Kidder Creek is Mount Hermon’s most northern outpost, bordering the Marble Mountain Wilderness and Klamath National Forrest.  Kidder’s staff maximizes this amazing location for ministry and life transformation. Here’s a peek:

“Thank you for the amazing experience you gave my son.  He committed his life to God at camp!”

“I expected to learn a lot about horses, but I didn’t know I would learn so much about Jesus.”

“Kidder Creek is where I first got to know my Savior, it was where I first shared my Savior with others, and it is where I return when I need to get a little closer to God.”

“Kidder Creek has allowed me to experience God in a richly deep way; to be challenged, broken, healed, loved, and discipled.  Without Kidder Creek, I might not have known Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, let alone have the deep relationship with God that I have today.  I have seen God work in miraculous and unfathomable ways in the lives of those who come to Kidder Creek.

We are already thanking God for the lives that will be transformed throughout Mount Hermon this summer.  We invite you to pray with us and thank Him ahead of schedule!

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