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An Eternal Perspective

An Eternal Perspective

A gift to the ministries at Mount Hermon is an investment with an eternal perspective.  Sometimes our Heavenly Father blesses us with a small glimpse of that.  Such was the case last month.

From Redwood Camp (1st – 5th graders): What did you learn about yourself this week?

  • “When you seek Jesus, He will run into you!”
  • “Here at Redwood Camp I finally accepted Jesus into my life.”
  • “Why did I ask Jesus into my heart if I don’t know him very well?  Then, I learned He knows me better than I know Him.  And, that’s a start.”

From Ponderosa Lodge (Jr. High & High School):

  • This week has been super powerful and life changing for me.  I struggled with a very difficult year, and through that I turned my back on Jesus Christ and focused on bettering my own life.  But here, I embraced God like I never have before.  I’m now stronger, more faithful and much closer to God himself.  I realize that I never was really alone and that if I had turned to God earlier He could’ve helped me through all of my struggles.”
    J. R. Loofbourrow Director of Advancement

The time is coming when God the Father will turn to Jesus and say, “Okay, Son, I’ve had enough.  Let’s gather the family.”  Your gifts and your prayers continue to provide just a little more time for the scores of children, teens and adults who are accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  They are a testimony to the mission of Mount Hermon, a mission all about invading lives with the love of Christ.  Now, more than ever, Thank You for choosing to join us!

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