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God’s Continued Faithfulness

God’s Continued Faithfulness

J. R. Loofbourrow Director of Advancement

This month we celebrate our 107th birthday and rejoice in God’s continued faithfulness.

The Lord himself will come down from heaven.  (1 Thessalonians 4:16)

He did that once already, and we still celebrate it every December 25th.  But this will be an altogether different advent – no baby in a manger, no years of growing up in obscurity, and no cultivation of disciples before the truth is found out.  This time He will come through the clouds, revealing judgment and redemption all in one heavenly appearance.

Count on that day.  Our confidence as it approaches will shape how we live and how we die.  It will shape our values, guide our spending, prioritize our schedules, and strengthen our resolve.  We are not aimless wanderers.  We stand between a perfect God and an imperfect world with an imperative: point to the Bridge between them.

Mount Hermon has been faithfully doing this for 107 years!  Our mission is to proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior, teach the authoritative Word of God and serve His church in our nation and throughout the world.  Thank you for your help.

As you and your family experience the joy of Christmas, may you sense the love and presence of Jesus Christ.  Your Mount Hermon family wishes you a blessed Christmas.

For King & Kingdom,

J.R. Loofbourrow
Director of Advancement

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