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A Video Announcement from Roger and Rachel Williams

A Video Announcement from Roger and Rachel Williams

Dear Friend of Mount Hermon,

I’d like to bring you up to date about important matters concerning Mount Hermon’s future. As you know we have been anticipating and preparing for a leadership transition, even before Roger’s diagnosis with cancer in 2012. We expected to be in the process of recruiting a new CEO at about this time, due to Roger’s retirement plans.

You will be pleased to know that our Board of Directors has had a succession planning committee working on what this process will look like. Mount Hermon has had only three executive directors/CEO’s in the past 55 years, and we will be as diligent as those who came before us in seeking and inviting the man or woman that God has called and prepared for this post.

We have engaged a reputable national search firm to coordinate our efforts. A task force consisting of representatives of our board, staff, trustees and constituents is being formed to participate in the process. We will post the position and begin to solicit candidates later this month.

Roger has been active in our preparations to date and is in full support of the search beginning at this time. Roger is not leaving Mount Hermon and will remain as Executive Director/CEO until his replacement is found. Then, he will be shifting his ministry to be available for preaching, teaching and strengthening public and donor relations.

We will issue regular updates as this process unfolds. Please keep us in your prayers as we undertake this very weighty and exciting assignment. Please join us in praying for God’s direction. It is our desire to attract a visionary and Christ-like leader who will continue the legacy of life transforming ministry that has brought much glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In His service,

Rob Faisant

Robin Faisant
Chairman, Board of Directors

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  • Thank you, Roger, for all your service throughout the years. So blessed by the gifts God has given you and will join with you in prayer for wisdom, guidance and unity in the search for the new Executive Director. Continued prayers for you and Rachel for strength and peace in the loving arms of God.

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