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Introducing Mount Hermon’s New CEO

Introducing Mount Hermon’s New CEO

After several months of prayer, anticipation, speculation, concern, hope, and more prayer…you needn’t wait any longer.  We are finally able to share the exciting news that Mike Romberger has been selected as Mount Hermon’s next President/CEO.  

As you have heard us say, this represents the culmination of a nationwide recruiting effort — with rigorous screening of numerous candidates by an outstanding search firm, further screening and unanimous selection by the Board’s search committee, and this week’s approval by the Board of Directors and Trustees.  All those involved in the process would say that God made the final selection clear.

Looking back, we can see how the Lord has been preparing Mike for this assignment over many years.  Mike has sensed His leading in this direction over the past couple of years.  As one person put it “the fingerprints of God have been all over this!”                   

For many of you, Mike needs no introduction.  He and Jane have been visiting Mount Hermon with their family for decades, ministering to guests and staff alike.  Both of them have already won our deep love and respect.  But as we prepare to welcome them into this important role, it’s time to make sure that all of us get to know them better.  Watch the video above or scroll down to read a little more about Mike.  

You can look forward to learning much more when they get here.  Mike will be starting in early May in preparation for the summer season. Please join us in welcoming Mike and Jane Romberger to the Mount Hermon family!

Meet Mike and Jane Romberger

  • •    Mike says:  “I have been attending Mount Hermon since I was a six year old boy and it is possibly the most significant single place in my spiritual development and growth.  My participation began as a camper and then morphed into roles such as Pastor in Residence, Family Camp speaker, and opportunities to influence the lives of Mount Hermon staff.  Mount Hermon has also brought together not only my immediate family, but my extended family… often all twenty-five of us will attend Family Camp.”
  • •    Since 2001, Mike has been Senior Pastor of Mission Hills Church in Littleton, CO, where the mission statement is “Transformed Lives Period” (sound familiar?)!  Over the past five years this church has witnessed explosive growth — from about 1,000 to 4,500 attendees.  Under Mike’s leadership at Mission Hills, God has clearly been at work.  Prior to his present role, Mike served two churches in California — about 9 years at Chino Valley Community Church, and 5 years at Whittier Area Community Church.
  • •    Regarding his leadership style, Mike says:  “I believe that Mission Hills staff would describe me as a collaborative leader, one who hires good people, not a micro-manager, a team player, one who places high expectations upon staff members, and one who works through the supervisory channels of the staff structure.”
  • •    As many of you have already experienced, Mike says “I am an encourager by nature and so I try to give words of encouragement to our staff as often as possible.  It gives me great joy when they succeed.”
  • •    Mike’s wife, Jane is well respected and sought after by many women for mentoring and wisdom.  She has been a Bible teacher in the Mission Hills women’s ministry and leads a course for unsaved and new believers.  She looks forward to exercising her gifts and passions in the Mount Hermon setting.
  • Romberger Family•    Mike and Jane have two adult children, Megan and Aubrey; another daughter Noelle will be entering college soon; and their son Caleb is finishing his freshman year in high school.
  • •    Mike has earned degrees from Biola University (B.S. in Christian Ed.), Talbot School of Theology (M. Div.), and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Doctor of Ministry, Christian Leadership).
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