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Staff Alumnus Continues to Make Lasting Impact

Staff Alumnus Continues to Make Lasting Impact

There are many staff whose work at Mount Hermon leaves a lasting impact. Scott Gullick, or “Scotty G,” as he was affectionately known by his staff, is no exception. Scotty served at Ponderosa Lodge for 7 years in a variety of roles. Starting as a counselor at Ponderosa, he began an internship after college and finally transitioned into a full-time position leading the youth department. Scotty thrived leading a team of summer staffers in sharing the love of Jesus with thousands of Jr. High and High School students.

Scotty’s love for camp ministry is so apparent. His time working at Mount Hermon taught him the value of stepping away from everyday life and making time to spend with God and with others. He loves the way that camp allows for all relationships to thrive, both our relationships with God and with those around us. God used his time at Mount Hermon to clarify his calling in life.

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Scotty studied engineering at Cal Poly, but his time spent working with youth at Mount Hermon revealed a passion for working with students and young adults and for helping them succeed. Getting to work with students from a variety of backgrounds, especially those who come from low-income areas, was especially impactful and eventually led him to his current job.

Scott now lives with his wife and two daughters in Oakland and serves as the Director of Corporate Engagement for Year Up, a non-profit that works to close the opportunity divide by helping young adults with drive, potential, and skills to find jobs in Silicon Valley. Year Up takes young adults who lack access to jobs due to their socio-economic situation and gives them skills in business communications and technology. Then, Scotty works with businesses throughout the Bay Area to assess their needs and place those in the program into internships. After their internship is done, they have all the skills and training that they need to land an awesome job! His position also allows him to mentor and advise the young adults with whom he works, a skill that he used so well in his leadership roles at Mount Hermon. Scotty’s work continues to inspire us all, and we are so grateful to have him as a part of our Staff Alumni family!

Despite no longer serving on staff, the Gullick’s involvement at Mount Hermon has not ended. Each year they attend their church’s annual family camp on Memorial Day. Scott and Annie have also made a financial commitment to Mount Hermon by becoming Associates. They deeply believe in what Mount Hermon is doing to impact the lives of families, adults, and young people, and as their two daughters grow up, they hope that they will continue to be impacted by the ministry of Mount Hermon.

Do you know of other Staff Alumni that are continuing to leave and make lasting impacts after their time at Mount Hermon? Tell us their name and story below. We’d love to do a feature on them.

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