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Reflections from the New Guy

Reflections from the New Guy

John Jenks is the Associate Director of Advancement Outreach and is the newest member of the Advancement Team.

Lives Transformed! This is our mission, hope, and dream for our ministry together at Mount Hermon. Since joining the Mount Hermon Staff last summer it has been my joy to connect with people like you who are part of the Mount Hermon community.

I often ask, “How has God touched your life through His ministry at Mount Hermon?” The response has been a chorus of praises that have included…

“I met Jesus Christ at Mount Hermon and began a new life with him.” “I saw God change my child’s heart through their week at Redwood Camp.”

“My summer on staff changed my life and took my faith to a deeper place.” “God healed our marriage through the couples’ conference at Mount Hermon. God’s grace flowing through Mount Hermon saved our marriage.”

“I believe my son’s summer on staff at Ponderosa was the most significant faith experience he has ever had.”

“I accepted Christ as a child at Mount Hermon and then grew in Christ as I returned over and over again for the past 70 years.”

“I sensed God calling me to be a pastor at Mount Hermon.”

“God brought healing and freedom into my heart and life at Mount Hermon.”

So, my Mount Hermon friends, be encouraged! Your prayers, financial gifts and support are making a present and eternal difference! One of my biggest “Take–Aways” from my first six months on staff is this: Lives transformed….It’s happening, really!

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