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Saved from the Tree

Saved from the Tree

Mount Hermon loves people and prays for Jesus to transform lives. Our mission is not only to bless, love and encourage our guests, but also to pour into the lives of those who serve on our staff.

Because of your faithfulness, we have jobs to do; we have staff houses here that we’ve made our homes, and we have a vibrant, close–knit community we live in and are so grateful for.

God provides for us in many ways, and He never ceases to amaze us with his goodness. Your provision for us may be of this world, but God’s is from his love and grace beyond this world. Phil Hipwell, Ponderosa Lodge Food Service Manager and his wife, Vicki live in a staff home up near Ponderosa Lodge. They experienced just that love and grace on a stormy, winter night. It’s a story worth sharing and I hope it will bless you.

“On Dec 30, 2014, God gave us a gentle reminder that he is in control of all things. Our house was filled with excitement and energy that night as an impromptu visit by two of my brothers and their families had filled up the house. Because of all the extra people, everyone was spread out instead of being in our beds at 10:30 as usual. The older girls were next door in summer staff housing, the boys were downstairs playing video games, and my four-year-old was asleep in our bed. That’s when we heard a loud crash and the house went completely dark. My brothers and I rushed outside to see what had happened and we came upon the enormous tree that had uprooted, hit the house and crushed two cars. My youngest daughter’s bed was also crushed and in a hundred pieces. Despite all the damage, not a single person was hurt. The “what ifs” are too numerous to mention!

The Lord’s protection was on full display that night. I called Mark Lilley and despite it being late at night, he arrived within five minutes to lend a hand. Less than an hour after the tree hit, the Mount Hermon community had rallied, providing us with housing for everyone and a vehicle to help us get around. My family was in awe of how well we were taken care of. It gave Vicki and me a great opportunity to speak of our faith with family and friends who are not Christians.
I explained to my Mom why I work at Mount Hermon. It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with living and raising my family in a place where God’s community works together for his glory! That is something that just can’t be bought.”

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our guests and our staff. Your giving not only supports improvements for our guest lodging but also provides critically needed housing for many of our staff. Please pray for the repair of Phil and Vicki’s home and for the Lord’s provision to maintain and repair other staff homes.

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