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Our Heavenly Dad: A life transformed at Family Camp

Our Heavenly Dad: A life transformed at Family Camp

Families at Family Camp come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has their unique story. But what binds them all together is the experience of coming for a week to Mount Hermon where they can grow closer to each other and to God.

One of the best parts of Family Camp is seeing how individual family members can grow in their understanding of God as their whole family creates memories and milestones together that last a lifetime.

We’re exploring Paul’s conversion experience as he journeys from someone who was persecuting those following God, to one who is made “new” into something completely different…a person who is now fully devoted to serving God and his people.

Earlier this summer, a special camper named Maribel came with her grandmother to Family Camp. Her counselor, Indie, told us how God worked in Maribel’s life during her
week at camp:

Maribel is in fifth grade. She was such a blessing to have all week. For the first couple of days she was quiet, but soon came out of her shell. During Bible study she was asking really deep questions about life and about heaven! On Friday, the last day of camp, she asked me during Bible study time specifically how Jesus died. I explained it to the group, and told them how much God loves them. I was about to say how much our “Heavenly Father” loves them, but felt a strange stirring in me to use the term “Heavenly Dad” instead. When I said that, her whole demeanor changed and she instantly perked up.

That night at our closing ceremony in the Auditorium, Maribel came up and asked to take a picture with me. Her grandma came over and took a picture, then Maribel ran off. Her grandma stayed behind to talk to me.

She told me, “Thank you! Maribel hasn’t had an easy life. Her dad left the family when she was a baby, and the only father figure she’s ever had, her grandpa, passed away a few years ago. She’s been really struggling to find that father figure in her life since then. She came to me today and told me how you referred to God as her ‘Heavenly Dad.’ That really resonated with her! It clicked for her that she has a dad in heaven who died for her, who loves her more than anything, and will never leave her! She has taken such big strides in her faith this week and I’m so excited to see where she goes after this week. Now she knows she has a dad in heaven that would do anything for her!”

Praise God! Please join us in praying for Maribel and the thousands of other campers who have come to Family Camp this summer!


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