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A Glimpse of How We Are Doing – Family Camp

A Glimpse of How We Are Doing – Family Camp

Linda Kay, our Child Care Coordinator writes:

One week at Child Care we had two brothers with special needs. The younger one was mildly autistic, and the older one, recently adopted from foster care, had some behavior issues as well. They did great with some extra special care from our staff, right up until the last night when we paged their mom to come down a little early. She was full of praise for the care her boys had received in a challenging incident.
This family also had two other older children in Day Camp. Because of the special needs her boys have, child care has become impossible. As a result, they never have time away as a couple. Because of Mount Hermon’s Child Care, this week was the first time in 10 years that she and her husband were able to go on a date. They went walking hand-in-hand in the redwoods. While at the adult dinner, she said she almost cried as she realized how long it had been since they had enjoyed a meal, just the two of them.

She later shared they were here on a military scholarship. For us this was a special privilege, to serve a family with such big hearts, who pour into kids unwanted or loved by others, even while the dad is serving our country.

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