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A Glimpse of How We Are Doing – Redwood Camp

A Glimpse of How We Are Doing – Redwood Camp

Chafer Cox, Director of Redwood Camp writes:

This summer our lessons were about the real people that Jesus encountered and how meeting Him changed their lives. Below are some quotes by primary campers (2nd and 3rd graders) about what they learned in their Bible studies.

• About Zaccheus (yep, we sure did)

• Jesus loved Zaccheus even though he was doing bad things because he knew what his heart was like—that he wanted to change.

• We learned what it means to seek. I like learning how to seek God and that He seeks us too.

• No matter how many times we mess up God still loves us.

During Victory Circle times campers shared:

“My parents aren’t Christians, but I learned I can choose what to believe for myself.”

“That some Bible stories are actually pretty cool.”

“I learned I like to sing songs about Jesus.”

“Why the heck did I ask Jesus into my heart if I don’t know Him very well. Then, I learned He knows me better than I know Him. And, that’s a start.”

“I already learned this, but I want to recap it—Jesus is awesome!”

After a particularly hard week for staff, counselors shared what God had been doing in their cabins—an entire primary cabin accepted Jesus as their Savior, an entire junior cabin did as well, not to mention several other individuals in cabins. God is good!

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