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AIM Celebration

AIM Celebration

By Kerry Phibbs

The day was Friday May 11, 2012, and the anticipation of our annual AIM Celebration was foremost in our minds. All the planning, preparation and decorating had been done, prayers had been lifted up, and we were confident the Lord would fulfill our hopes for a wonderful experience. And He certainly did!

The campus was transformed into an international travel experience straight out of the 1940’s – think Indiana Jones. This isn’t just your Grandpa’s Mount Hermon anymore. Over the years it’s become so much more! We’ve developed international partnerships across the globe, and we continue to be both amazed and grateful for the growth the Lord keeps bring to this ministry.

Beginning Thursday evening, over 450 guests poured into camp. These early arrivals were preparing to participate in our annual All Day Prayer Retreat commencing on Friday morning. This special day of prayer has “caught fire,” and there is a passion among the faithful friends who come to pray with us for all aspects of the ministry of Mount Hermon. It truly sets the tone for the rest of our AIM Celebration that same weekend.

Our AIM Celebration opened in the auditorium on Friday evening, and then retreated to the Dining Hall to “break bread” together – we had a sumptuous meal. Dick Foth, our guest speaker, shared wonderful insights, first describing how our “perspective” on our own ministry involvements begins to change as our commitment to that ministry deepens. In short, we grow in tune with our ministry investment. “Investment” was our challenge Saturday morning, as Dick helped us consider our opportunity to leverage our life efforts by investing in Kingdom work – where God always brings return.

We learned and shared together about the international relationships and connections we’ve made with many organizations across the globe. Technology has “shrunk” the world, allowing us to communicate the gospel without actually being “present.” Mount Hermon is on the forefront of this effective movement, and it’s so exciting to be partnering in this frontier.

Our AIM Celebration always leaves us with a deep sense of commitment and purpose – being connected to each other as family, and most important, serving God’s Kingdom together. It is a celebration not to be missed! We are so grateful for all of you who could be with us.

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