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Love in Action: Give Camp 331

Love in Action: Give Camp 331

By JR Loofborrow

I’d like you to meet Gordon and Jan Kvamme—long-time Mount Hermon friends, faithful, committed members of our volunteer team, and part of our Associates family.

Last summer they were deeply impacted by an experience their grandson had here at camp. We were very excited they shared it with us, and they’ve allowed us to pass it on to you. We know this will touch your soul just as deeply as it did ours.

The Kvammes wrote us,

“…Last summer we sent our grandson to Ponderosa Lodge. His friend was able to join him thanks to help from your Campership Fund—thank you for making that possible!  At the end of the week, when we picked them up the first thing they asked was, ‘will we be able to come back NEXT year?’ You can easily imagine the joy—theirs and ours!

Jan and I would like to make that same experience possible for twenty-five other campers in 2012. Twenty-five times three hundred thirty-one equals eight thousand two hundred and seventy-five dollars. May God use these camperships to bless and reach many people for His Kingdom…”

Through the Kvammes, twenty-five additional young people have now experienced the love of Jesus in community at Mount Hermon this past summer. Whether at Ponderosa Lodge, in Redwood Camp or up at Kidder Creek, we know Jesus met them.

With Gordon and Jan, you too can “give” Christ’s love to other campers. We prayerfully ask for your support of “Give Camp 331,” which will ensure someone else will encounter the love of Jesus here at Mount Hermon.

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