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Intern Update :: Week of Oct 25

Intern Update :: Week of Oct 25

Hey Mount Hermon Interns!

First and foremost, I want to confess to all of you that I am bringing you ice cream this Thursday.  I owe you for being late (yet again) with the blog.  Thanks for your patience with me as I work towards consistency in this area!

Here are your announcements for the week:

  1. Bring your DISC stuff again this Thursday so we can finish talking through conflict and personality types.
  2. Make sure that you have finished reading the 1st Chapter in “What Does God Want of Us Anyway?” by Thursday.
  3. Don’t forget to talk to your supervisors ASAP regarding work or PTO on Thanksgiving.  It might even be good to start the discussion regarding Christmas also.
  4. Your Intern Development Meeting with Lisa is TOMORROW (Wednesday) right after staff prayer
  5. Don’t forget that your Intern Advisor is available to you for  whatever you may need.  All 3 of us have busy schedules but we are never too busy to talk with you.  Take advantage of it!
  6. You are knocking it out of the park!  We absolutely love having you on staff with us!  Thanks for being faithful servants and amazing people.

See you on Thursday at 3!

-Charlie (& Katie)

Success is to be faithful to Christ and His Word.
Steve Timmis

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