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Intern Update :: Dec 13

Intern Update :: Dec 13

Hey Mount Hermon Interns!

Here are this week’s big announcements:

  • Congratulations!!!  Winter Weekends are successfully completed… AND… the Twinkle Tours are Terrific… AND…  we had a great weekend of Christmas Buffets/Concerts.  Thank you for making them happen and serving our guests in your unique ways!
  • Thank you for your Fall Reviews.  We take your feedback seriously and always open to additional feedback.  If you have not yet completed your review WITH your supervisor, please do so ASAP.  We will have an additional Committee Meeting this week.
  • Intern Meeting this Thursday:  Meet in top floor of the field house.
  • Please stay on track with your coaching and Theology reading/homework.  It’s worth it!!!
  • If everyone in your house will be gone over Christmas, please LOCK your doors and unplug any extra appliances in case of a power outage while you are gone.
  • Extra $$$ Opportunity:  Make $25 helping with guest parking from 5:30-6:45pm this Friday at PL.  Four people needed (first four to RSVP get the job!!!).  Contact Patrice Fernald at 831-335-1174.
  • You amaze us as Interns.  We are so thankful for how God brought you here this year!

See you Thursday!

-Charlie and Katie

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