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Intern Update :: March 28

Intern Update :: March 28

Hey MH Interns,

Sorry I’m a few days late on this.  Here are this week’s announcements:

  • There is coaching this week.  Please make sure you are caught up with all of your coaching work by then.  We will be moving onto the next category.  Meet at my house at your usual scheduled time.
  • Our Thursday meeting will be at the Fieldhouse this week.  See you at 3pm!
  • Program Team Interns–don’t forget the program retreat on April 11-13.
  • For those of you interested in a 2nd year internship, make sure that you are working on your proposals.  Don’t forget that they must include a plan for how you are going to grow to the next level.  They are due by May 1st.  E-mail them to me.
  • My 6th-7th is Mount Hermon’s annual “Associates in Ministry” weekend.  All interns are required to attend at least an hour of prayer on Friday.  Make sure to check with your supervisors to see what else is required of you that weekend.

Enjoy the sunshine!  You are all greatly appreciated.


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