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Mount Hermon 2011 Ministry Update

Mount Hermon 2011 Ministry Update

Clean Up of Conference Center Drive

The rains may come, the lands may slide, but God is bigger and He continues to do great things at Mount Hermon! Thank you for your prayers and concerns about Mount Hermon during these times. Be encouraged! God is continuing to transform lives. JR takes some time to give an update about what’s happening at Mount Hermon and we posted a few pictures.

Pine Area Damage
Workers at Mount Hermon assess the damage to the area surrounding Pine Lodge
Meditation Chapel
The Meditation Chapel (bottom middle) covered by migrating redwoods
Conference Drive Slide
Landslide on Conference Center Drive – photo:Dan Dawson
Clean Up of Conference Center Drive
Crews begin the clean up process to clear Conference Center Drive – photo:Dan Dawson
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  • During every gust of wind and every storm, Mount Hermon was in my prayers. I am so happy to hear there were no cancelations! I really worried about that. We DO serve a most gracious and magnanimous God Creator.

  • J.R.
    This was great. I was not tech-savvy enough to consider this kind of medium. Well done!

    Also, just got the summer speaker/singer slates and God is going to do some great things this summer.

    “Lives Transformed” is a super “tag.” Through our ordeal with Deirdre’s husband, we have seen Satan use deceit in the name of reconciliation which is nothing more to most than “I’m sorry.” True, we need to be reconciled to God, but transformed lives set the pace and the path we are going to take with the Holy Spirit. So, “transformed” has been a word we have used and prayed for the past two years.

    Sorry that we can’t be at Associates weekend, but family responsibilities and joy are in play. Going back to Kansas for Dee’s parents 70th wedding and 90th birthdays. Can’t turn outhouses over anymore, but we can listen to the wheat grow. Yay!

    Going to Califpatria State Prison next weekend and am speaking at two of the chapels during our time there. I am taking my guardian angels. I call them my Mafi-Angels because their names are Guido and Luigi. I lend them to people on occasion. So, if you need help….. My very best to the crew at MH.


    Dave Neely

  • Great report, JR. We have watched the local news footage and are glad to get an “up close and personal” report from you. We certainly are praying God will provide financially for many to give to the great cause of restoring our Mt. Hermon to even better condition.

    We’ll see you this summer with the whole gang!

    Ask Dave Neely to visit Pleasant Valley State Prison. 🙂


  • Would you please give us an update on the Lilac cabin? Thanks. So glad the Lord is taking care of everything and everyone.

  • I was an MH staffer five years in the 50s and remember many devastating storms in the past. The Lord has always provided and MH has survived–with increasing prayer support.
    My daughter, Carol, and three grand daughters will be bringing me to MH in June for an overnight visit. We want to send them to High School camp in a year or two. (They are visiting from Indiana, but Carol was on staff at Redwood some time in the 80s–Dave Talbot would remember her). It is a place dear to my heart because I was also married at MH. You will receive a check from me next week.

  • Any damage @ Pondy? Our grandson,Joe, from Alaska says:” It changed my life!”. We have grateful hearts to God for all your ministries, going back to the 70’s and Family Retreats with our church in Richmond,CA.
    We look forward to joining you and others on May 5th for prayer.

  • Dear J.R.
    I really enjoyed your update report and the amazing pictures! Always a positive response of how the Lord is working with you all in the life of His/our Mt Hermon!! See you at the Associate’s weekend!!

  • Lots of damage and it seems overwhelming BUT nothing is overwhelming to our God Who is ALWAYS in control even when things seem so chaoticto us. So thankful that no one got hurt and for all the progress reported so far. To God be the glory!!! God bless:)

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