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Intern Update :: Week of Feb 28

Intern Update :: Week of Feb 28

Hey MH Interns!

I told you my goal was to begin posting again and I finally made it.  We have a few announcements that are new today so check them out and let me know if you have any questions.

  • CCCA sectionals is this next week (Monday-Thursday).  Make sure you talk with your supervisor about what is expected of you and check out the schedule for the conference here.  Your supervisors have been encouraged to allow you to attend as much of the conference as possible.
  • March 16th you have an all day camp visit.  It sounds like you will be going to Camp Kenolyn, Koinonia and Redwood Glen.  They are all in the Santa Cruz area.
  • If you have yet to, take advantage of your 5 floating PTO days before May 31st.  Talk with your supervisor about what days are best.
  • March is APR month (Annual Performance Review).  This means that your supervisors will be walking you through a performance review.  Part of the review involves you evaluating yourself.  They should be talking to you about it in the coming days.
  • March is also Intern Interview month!  You will each be interviewed by one intern committee member.  The interview is your time to answer questions about your intern experience.  This is not a review of you but actually is a chance for you to review the intern program.  In the next week or so, you will be contacted about setting up a time to do this.
  • You do have Professional Development tomorrow at 9:30 after staff prayer with  Lisa.
  • Don’t forget to email me your updated lifebooks for coaching before we meet on Thursday afternoon.  There is no coaching this week but I want to know how to best help you as I prepare for next week’s coaching sessions.
  • Make sure you read Waltke chapter 10 by Thursday and be ready to discuss it at our weekly meeting.

See you on Thursday.  Since it’s supposed to be raining again, we will meet at my house at 3.

I am thankful for each and every one of you!


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