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Tis The Season.

Tis The Season.

…for white peaches!

Trust me on this one.  On your way home, swing by your local grocer (for me, the only choice is good ol’ Ray), and…

Purchase the following:

– a scoop of bulk food section granola

– 1 container of vanilla flavored yogurt (brown cow, or otherwise)

– 1 medium sized white peach

Upon returning home:

1. dice peach

2. combine diced peach, granola, and liberal portion of yogurt into an adequately sized bowl

3. Extract spoon from drawer (or clean dish rack — your choice)

4. Consume

5. Resist the temptation to send me a thank you card for opening your world to new levels of delectability, and instead share this simple (and healthy) recipe with a friend.

In case you’re into Math, let me break it down for you:

granola mound+yogurt+snow-giant-white-peach-01=boy

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