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Words to live by…

Words to live by…

In the mid 50s, the physician for the US Congress distributed this list of 10 standards to stay healthy.  I wonder what would happen in we all took to following his simple and concise advice.

1. Eat Wisely — you are what you eat… what a weird saying.

2. Drink Plentifully (water!) — glug glug glug.

3. Eliminate Thoroughly — I think this should be extended to all areas of our lives.  Equilibrium is never the result of endless addition.

4. Bathe Cleanly — pew.

5. Exercise Rationally — don’t rationalize why you don’t exercise.

6. Accept Inevitables — This one caught me by surprise, but think about it and it makes perfect sense.

7. Play Enthusiastically — go team!

8. Relax Completely — completely.

9. Sleep Sufficiently — note: different than relaxing… sweet dreams!

10. Check Up Occasionally — my mechanic calls this preventative maintenance.

Give it a shot and see what happens.wellness-comic-doctor

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