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Fall Frenzies: The End

Fall Frenzies: The End

Greetings to our fellow Ponderosites! Well, it’s been a week since the last Fall Frenzy at Ponderosa Lodge, and it’s safe to say that Old Man Pumpernickel and Hermon Hollow have not returned to further their mischievous schemes. We’re still making lots of noise and keeping Ponderosa safe, but wish you all were here with us!

Every time we see glow sticks, or leftover Halloween candy, or smashed pumpkins, or creepy characters dressed in white jump-suits bungeed together…we can’t help but think of our fantastic and fun weekend together! Sadly, we had to clean all the cobwebs and take down the Old Man’s signs, but know that we are ALREADY looking forward to planning SUMMER 2010! And oh man… haven’t seen anything yet!

 Things you can be doing in preparation for summer #1:

Work on strengthening your vocal chords, specifically in the volume range. If you think your voice got sore after just 3 days at camp, get ready for screaming 7 days straight for summer!

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