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Founders Gather to Celebrate Kidder Creek

Founders Gather to Celebrate Kidder Creek

Do you ever stop to think about people’s stories? Sometimes when I see regular people on the bus or at the grocery store, I wonder, “What’s their story?”

This summer Kidder Creek honored its founders by remembering and telling the story that God has been unfolding at Kidder Creek, and honoring the people whom God used in His great narrative.

The Founders of Kidder Creek have a favorite refrain: “in spite of us, God has done great things.” They refer to themselves as just regular people, whom God has greatly used to influence thousands through the love of Jesus at camp. Together they have seen many lives transformed. They were willing to step out and to act in faith, and God worked. He used many individuals who brought the right gift or talent at the right time to make up the team of people who were God’s key players.

The Founders Celebration focused on the miracles of Kidder Creek. Some stories recalled God moving in hearts, others orchestrating events and providing in unmistakable ways. More called attention to people who are now writing greater stories with their lives because of the work God did in them at camp when they took one step closer to Jesus.

The evening ended with a time of honoring the founders by establishing ‘Founders Grove’, a new picnic area where many more campers and visitors to Kidder Creek will have the chance to rest, relax and reflect on God and his creation. Trees were planted to represent each of the founding leaders.

Those honored were:

Dick and Norma Jones
Norm and Pam Malmberg
Marilyn Seward
Bill and Susie Birch
Dennis Becklin
Larry and Dona Schaller
Velda Decker
George Rose

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