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Masterpiece Restored

Masterpiece Restored

Camp Hope is a ministry that brings hope and healing to hundreds of children and teens who have been impacted by domestic violence each year.

Kidder Creek is one of many camps that partner with the Alliance for Hope International, (born out of the Family Justice Center movement), to provide a safe and loving environment for these kids, many of them victims of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of family members.

The impact Camp Hope has in the life of a child is remarkable and indisputable. At Kidder Creek, we want to build on the platform of trust and openness created at Camp Hope, and invite campers back to take the next step in learning to know and trust Jesus, the source of all hope.

Each year since we began this partnership, we have had campers return to Ranch Camp, Timberline Classic or High Adventure programs.

Following is an email we received from Casey Gwinn, President of the Alliance for Hope International in July:

Dear Carol,

Thank you for your help in getting Sophie to Kidder Creek last week. Sophie first came to Camp HOPE two years ago, and for the last two years has come to Kidder Creek on a Mount Hermon campership.

This year she came to know Jesus personally.

Sophie wrote this to me today:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I loved camp this year and it is all because of you.
I became a masterpiece restored by Jesus. 🙂
I learned how to worship God at the campfire
and loved singing the theme song over and over —
Create in a me a clean heart.
I promise I will never forget it.

Carol, thank you for all your help in getting Sophie registered at the last minute. It mattered in the context of eternity.

To protect privacy, “Sophie” is used as a pseudonym.

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