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Lives Transformed – Camp Hope at Kidder Creek

Lives Transformed – Camp Hope at Kidder Creek

At camp, even time at the pond is an opportunity for great conversations with staff and friends where you can discuss the deeper things of life in a positive and safe environment.

Last week during Camp Hope Camp a camper came up to one of our counselors and asked Sarah, one of our lifeguards, “Do you believe in God?”

She said “Yes”,

and he responded with “Well, I am an atheist, do you want to have a debate?”

Sarah said “Sure!”

Sarah spent the next half hour talking with this camper about God, faith and how at Kidder Creek all the staff are christians, other campers that we nearby joined in the conversation too.  This camper from Camp Hope had a very negative view of christians and that they are “all judgemental” but by the end of the conversation he had changed his mind.  He saw that at Kidder Creek the christians were loving and creating an environment where he would be safe and where he could grow and heal.

One step Stories.

That’s what we pray for and ask God to do in the lives of campers.  That they would take one step closer to Jesus.  This boy did just that.  He took one step closer to Jesus.  We know and pray that God will continue to work in his life and continue to draw this young man to himself.

God uses us in great ways when we will commit to living like, talking like and being Jesus to the people that God puts into our lives, even if that’s on the pond during your half hour break from lifeguarding.

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