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Lives Transformed Stories – MTB Camp

Lives Transformed Stories – MTB Camp


Sometimes campers come to camp to “just have fun”, little do they and sometimes their parents know that God is at work here.  They do have fun while here, but they can also have their lives transformed while here too!  This is a great story from a parent who sent their teenager to camp for just that, to have fun, God did so much more.

My son, Mario told me he got closer to God during the recent mountain bike camp.  He had fallen away from the Lord but he had a God experience and he said what he would like to do is to work for Mount Hermon next year.  He is 17 and will be 18 in March. He said he wouldn’t be able to go to any retreats next summer as a high schooler because he would be already a graduate.   

“When he told me he found God again, my heart nearly burst for joy. When he told me he saw that God answers HIS prayers, I cried.  I wasn’t expecting this when I sent him to bike camp. I just wanted him to have fun.”


You might be wondering what #senditforJesus is, well it’s our call to action to live the christian faith that we use at MTB camp.  Don’t just sit back and let life pass you by, live your life for Jesus!  Check out Romans 12:9-21 to read more about what we mean when we say “Send it for Jesus!”


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