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Lives Transformed Stories – Ranch Camp 2018

Lives Transformed Stories – Ranch Camp 2018

We don’t always get to hear about how God continues to work in campers lives after they leave camp, but sometimes we do and it can be so encouraging to hear stories of the life transformation that starts at camp and continues throughout the year and for years to come.  

Christina, one of our counselors from last summer and now our ranch camp lead, had the privilege of hearing first hand how God was able to use her last summer in a young campers life.  

“The day we had all been greatly anticipating had finally arrived. It was the first day of camp, and as parents and campers were settling in, a former camper, Katelynn, and her mom greeted me. Katelynn’s mom pulled me aside and told me that since her daughter was here last year, her life had not been the same. I asked how so, eager to hear what the Lord had done. She explained that my teachings as her counselor with her daughter were quite impactful. She told me how Katelynn had made the commitment to read her Bible every day since she has left camp, and she had done just that. Even through the difficult chapters of the Bible, she broke it down in small pieces to study it better and has asked when she has needed assistance. Because of Katelynn’s dedication to reading her Bible daily, her family has been greatly influenced.

Later that evening, as our campfire was ending I felt a small tap on my shoulder, and I turned to see that it was that same camper, Katelynn. I made room for her on the wooden bench, and I listened intently as she  told me how last summer changed her life. She thanked me for helping her set the goal of reading her bible daily. I felt so privileged to hear firsthand that she was searching to be closer to God and that God was meeting with her and moving many mountains in her young life.”

Yay God!! Yay God that we are privileged to be a part of God’s work here at Kidder Creek!   

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