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Lives Transformed at Ranch Camp

Lives Transformed at Ranch Camp


By Danna Ayers, Kidder Creek Ranch Camp Manager


 “Where is Jason?” I was asked this by one of our Ranch Camp counselors after discovering  his camper was lagging behind the group after their trail ride.  As I rounded the corner of the barn, I stopped dead in my tracks as I witnessed an incredible God moment.  Jason had his face buried in his horse’s gray mane.  He was sobbing uncontrollably.   He had arrived at camp with a very angry and heavy heart.  I learned that Jason had recently witnessed a family tragedy, an experience no child should ever walk through.  His grandmother was praying faithfully and fervently that God would use his time at Kidder Creek to transform Jason.  When the sobbing subsided and he had  finished pouring his heart out to his new friend and horse Sassy, he took me up on my offer of a “Mom hug.”  He finished his week of Cowboy Camp one step closer to Jesus.



I am happy to report Jason has been back to camp the last several years with a big smile and zeal for life! Equine-assisted therapy is powerful in promoting human physical and mental health. God is faithful in transforming lives  at Ranch Camp!! He often times uses the unexpected and amazing 1000 lb, hay eating creature.
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