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This Matters to Me – Mike Romberger

This Matters to Me – Mike Romberger

This Matters to Me
With summer one-hundred-thirteen now in the books, it causes me to pause, reflect, and be grateful to God who uses Mount Hermon to touch lives from the inside out. Mount Hermon is a place where words like “legacy”, “renewal”, “family”, “tradition”, “fun”, “refreshment”, “relationship”, and “transformation” aren’t just empty words, but a reality.


This matters to me.


As I enjoyed stepping foot in all four of our camp sites this summer (Kidder Creek, Ponderosa Lodge, Redwood Camp, and Conference Center), I was allowed into people’s lives as they shared with me their stories. I heard about a couple who got engaged on the grounds, about marriages that arrived on-the-rocks but left revived with hope, about people battling cancer but trusting in God for their future, about grief of losing a loved-one and how important it was to be present together as family, about living through the awful Gilroy shooting and coming to this safe haven, about missionaries who’s tanks needed the filling they received, about military families who were impacted as they were re-entering life together after deployment, about single parents who were grateful for a special place to bring their kids, about those who hiked to the cross to spend needed one-on-one time with Jesus, and about so, so much more.


This matters to me.



Back in February I wrote down this prayer to the Lord about Mount Hermon:
I pray that Mount Hermon will be a place that uncompromisingly and passionately preaches God’s Word, that we are a ministry that is highly evangelistic, that we share the good news of the Gospel and see lives transformed by the work of Jesus. I pray that Mount Hermon is a place where lives can be refreshed and renewed from the inside out, a safe place to get genuinely restored. I pray that we take great care of our staff, from the daily work environment to what we pay to the housing we provide. I pray that our facilities will be appropriately of a high quality, a place where people feel safe and at ease. And I pray that God will use me to lead and guide this – His ministry – in ways that will further His purposes and glory in this place. 
This matters to me.


Mike Romberger

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