Summer Camp

Life Transformation at Kidder Creek

We talk a lot about Life Transformation at Kidder Creek Camp, the way that God…

Camper painting a counselor's face

Camp Culture Secret Tips

We missed seeing your kids at camp this summer and we are all still home……

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Renew Redwood

  The earth movers have moved in and the critical infrastructure that most people never…

This Matters to Me

This Matters to Me – Mike Romberger

With summer one-hundred-thirteen now in the books, it causes me to pause, reflect, and be…

Engage your kids spiritually

Engage Your Kids Spiritually

We all want to have fun, laugh, and provide good lasting memories for our kids,…

Let's Rewild our kids

Re-Wilding Our Kids

As a parent we all want our kids to be resilient; to be able to…


Top 5 Things to Do in the Fall in Santa Cruz

Everyone knows that Santa Cruz is a summer beach destination but what only the local…

Overcoming moments of fear

Overcoming Moments of Fear

by Mo Bond— Adventure Trip Lead 2018 What is it about Kidder Creek Camp that…

6 Reasons Summer Camp will change your kids' lives

6 Reasons Kidder Creek is Life Changing

by Lauren Sack— Camp Counselor and Lifeguard 2017 & 2018 Summer camp gives God a…

High-Point Experiences

How “High-point” experiences unlock learning Often the way Church works is that the focus is…

Why We Need To Do Hard Things

Kidder Creek has been built upon the belief that doing hard things, alongside other people, reveals the character of a Jesus in profound ways.

A Life Transformed at Kidder Creek

A Campfire Miracle

Let’s Re-Wild Our Kids

As a parent, we all want our kids to be resilient. But their lives have been scrubbed of danger and risks. How can we “re-wild” our kids?

Cliff Jumping at Kidder Creek High Adventure Camp

High Adventure Camp

Kidder Creek Adventure Camp is the perfect place for middle school and high school students to develop grit; strength of character.