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Life Transformation at Kidder Creek

Life Transformation at Kidder Creek

We talk a lot about Life Transformation at Kidder Creek Camp, the way that God uses camp in a person’s life can be significant. So significant that it can change someone’s life forever, it transforms them. We are blessed to be front and center in offering hope, healing, fun and growth in faith to all who come to Kidder Creek Camp!

I often hear from youth pastors, parents and children’s ministry workers about how significant a week of camp has been in the lives of their kids and those they know from AWANA or youth group. They say things like “I worked with this student all year and didn’t see the transformation that happened to them in one week at camp!” It’s true for so many campers. God uses camp in a significant way to start them down a new path, in a new direction. 

Why does this happen? Why does God use camp in such significant ways? I call it the trifecta. Let me explain why I think camp is so impactful. 

First, we start with Loving Staff. We hire fun and adventurous young people who love the Lord. They love kids and want to hang out with them and point them to Jesus! We are a counselor led ministry and we think we have the best counselors, who pour their lives into the lives of campers, laugh and share experiences with them; which gives them an opportunity to speak into their lives. 

Then, we add God’s Word. We know God’s Word is powerful and teaches about God’s love story to us, as seen in the gospel. Each day our counselors lead a Bible Study with their cabin and one of our staff will preach at campfire in the evening. There are also many opportunities for teachable moments. We are able to apply truths to what we are seeing and doing as we go throughout the day. 

Thirdly, our campers come to a new setting and have new experiences in God’s creation. They engage with and literally live in beautiful creation for a week! They see God’s majesty in the night sky, in the mountain peaks and in the things He has made. They see and feel God’s presence.

Camp changes lives. God uses this place to bring about life transformation! We are so grateful that we get to be open this summer, that we get to hang out with you and your kids. We pray that God will use camp in their lives and in their friends’ lives to draw them closer to Him.

I truly hope to see you at camp this summer!

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