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Renew Redwood

Renew Redwood

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The earth movers have moved in and the critical infrastructure that most people never see is going into the new cabins: electrical to keep the lights on and sewer so what goes down stays down!

Being the original Mount Hermon facility, Redwood Camp had some seriously well used utilities below ground. Even though the cabins went up last year we weren’t able to complete all the below ground work due to the significant and frequent rain fall we had last winter. God is blessing us this winter though with unseasonably warm weather and weeks of sunny skies which has allowed the construction teams to lay in the critical support structures that will make the cabins cozy come summer.

The upgraded electrical will of course provide lights in the cabins but will also provide exterior lighting, pathway lighting and the all important cell phone charging for our counseling staff!

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We’re perhaps most excited about the upgrades and additions to the sewer system though. Before the cabin remodels it was necessary for kids to traipse through the forest to the bathhouses in order to use the restroom at night. Maintaining proper supervision also meant that a camper would have to wake up their counselor and another child to go with them. As you can imagine, in a cabin of 8 young campers there were many restroom trips and not quite enough sleep. These cabin remodels have allowed us to add restrooms in each cabin so campers don’t have to leave in the middle of the night. To accomplish this we’ve had to install ten new sewer lines to serve 20 cabins along with the supply lines to provide fresh water. You may not have known that Mount Hermon has it’s own wastewater treatment plant, about halfway up the mountain. Since Redwood Camp is at the bottom of the mountain we’ve also installed a new holding tank that feeds into the pump station – it’s a lot of work to take care of waste!

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While it’s been a tremendous amount of work to modernize the cabins and add restrooms we’re anxious for it to be complete and see the impacts it will have on the campers experience. We know how important it is to have a safe, comfortable cabin for relationships between campers and their counselors to blossom. It is often in these small sacred moments together that God does his work in the life of a camper and we’re grateful for your support in making Redwood Camp an amazing experience for future generations.

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