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Groundbreaking Commemorates God’s Faithfulness

Groundbreaking Commemorates God’s Faithfulness


September 12 was the date of our annual Board of Directors and Trustees meeting and dinner. That afternoon on the Redwood Camp meadow we eagerly gathered for the ceremony.

It was a beautiful day, redolent with joyous sounds of guests laughing and splashing in the nearby swimming pool. Beneath the shadow of the Trinity Trees, and seated within a chalk outline of the pavilion site, Board members, Trustees, staff and spouses met in gratitude for God’s provision of our much–prayed–for recreation pavilion. Joining us were several others who had generously given time, talent and resources to facilitate and fund this project.

Retiring Board Chairman Rob Faisant welcomed us, and Mike Romberger, President/CEO, described the project’s history, giving thanks for God’s clearly–indicated timing and intention for Redwood Camp. Chafer Cox, Director of Children’s Ministries and Redwood summer camps director, recalled the generations of leaders and campers who’ve met with the Lord here on this very site. He spoke of children whose lives were impacted this summer, and infused us with his eagerness for a covered area where hundreds of kids will play during rainy season retreats.

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Jack Samuelson shared his heart, clearly moved by God’s work in the lives of so many children at Redwood Camp. A visionary builder, former Board member and a champion for Mount Hermon, Jack and his wife, Sally, have provided tremendous leadership in making this recreation pavilion possible. Jack’s son, Reid, told us that as they arrived on Conference Drive, his dad said, “You can just feel the Spirit in this place as soon as you drive in.” Both men were honored to share in this moment in Mount Hermon’s history, recognizing how God will use this simple building to draw people closer to Him.

Board Chairman Rick Alvord presented Jack with a commemorative shovel, and closed our celebration in prayer. Then several folks doffed hard hats and joined Jack to turn a spade of dirt and signal a new beginning. We were there only a short time, on a beautiful day on the meadow, with the breeze rustling the tops of the surrounding redwoods. But it was a moment that will be long remembered in the history of God’s work in Mount Hermon. Ceremonies honor significant moments. They are the markers and milestones God has taught us to build, essential in remembering and thanking God for what He has done.

The Samuelson Recreation Pavilion will be dedicated on Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 4:00 PM. 

Please plan to join us. It will be during the Redwood Camp Staff Alumni Reunion Weekend. Be among the grateful when we set this next marker commemorating God’s faithfulness.


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