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The Story of a Gift

The Story of a Gift

Every gift has a story. Somehow, God, in His timing and through His unique voice, nudges and prompts His people to participate in His Kingdom work, restoring His creation and redeeming His children.

Recently I had the opportunity to ask one He has called to Kingdom work at Mount Hermon about a specific gift. Jack and Sally Samuelson made a leadership gift to make the Redwood Camp recreation pavilion a reality. Listen in on their story.

J.R.: Jack, why did you and Sally choose to make this gift?

Jack: Sally and I have always had a heart for Mount Hermon. The beauty of God’s nature all around—what a declaration of His love for us! In my years on the board I was privileged to have immediate knowledge of many miracles and lives of young hearts being transformed to serve Christ. Sally and I raised our family with an appreciation for reaching outward for God’s purpose. We see the Lord using Mount Hermon to reach others with His love through the music, the camp programs, the gifted speakers, and the unique fellowship that these grounds have provided throughout the years. As this time of life, we want to leave a legacy that makes it easier to fill this place with young believers, along with those who are searching.

J.R.: We know that you have a heart for Jesus and reaching kids. How does this motivate your decision to make this new ministry arena at Redwood Camp a reality?

Jack: We love kids. Jesus loves the little children. Children so beautifully illustrate our relationship to God as our Father. Just imagine what an entire life devoted to Christ can accomplish for His purpose! Kids’ love of Christ is a powerful force in this world. If we can draw them to God through fun activities such as sports in a Christian atmosphere, let’s do it!

J.R.: You shared how you sense or feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when you arrive at Mount Hermon. Tell me about that.

Jack: This place touches my soul. Every visit brings me back home renewed. I’m impacted. The music reaches down to the depths of my soul, the teaching gets to the center of my heart, and the fellowship is etched in my memories forever. God loves us, He has a plan for us and He is with us. Look around, look up to the skies, look at the places He provides for us to learn, to refresh, to share, to be blessed, to bless others, to reach out.

J.R.: I know that you and Sally hope your gift will demonstrate the importance of obedience in our giving, how it honors God and is such a blessing to so many.

Jack: Sally and I grew up during the great depression. My father instilled in me the importance of tithing. No matter how little we had, even when he was jobless, our family tithed, and I believe God has blessed us in many ways through our commitment to do the same. It has been a privilege to obey God and serve him in this way, and to have Mount Hermon be a part of it. I know we honor God when we tithe, for He commanded it of us. Through obedience, we are loving Him, we are sharing Him and His love for the world. So quickly, our hearts can be full of worry and obsession with money; but when we honor God with all of our possessions and trust Him, we know He will be faithful.

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