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Introducing Naomie Bragado

Introducing Naomie Bragado

Naomie is our Director of Children’s Ministries and we thought you might enjoy hearing her passion and excitement.

Topher: Tell us about your fun family!

Naomie: I came from a big family of 11. My husband (Justin) and I have just four kids—Jaida (9), Levi (8), Moriah (6), and Kiana (2). You can typically find us playing board games, spending time at the beach together, or doing just about anything fun outside as a family. 

Topher: What’s your background in Children’s Ministry? What called you there?

Naomie: Years ago, I was a middle school math teacher. My dad passed away suddenly, and it was a big blow. It caused me to think about my own life. If the most important decision a person can make is to follow Christ, is this the best way I can help others put their trust in Jesus? I decided I wanted my focus in life to be on teaching kids directly about God. Before I knew it, I was serving as Children’s Pastor at a large church in the East Bay. I really enjoyed helping kids experience Christ. I served in that role for eight years total – the last two were spent launching a satellite campus.

Topher: What excites you most about your role at Mount Hermon?

Naomie: Two things really pump me up. First, overseeing Mount Hermon’s children’s camps means I get to work with a passionate, talented team of young adults. It’s wonderful to help develop God’s next generation of church leaders. Second, Mount Hermon has a unique opportunity to reach unchurched families for Christ. Families who won’t set foot in a church today still come to camp and hear the gospel with open hearts and expectation. Our job is to make space for them to experience God’s love and challenge them to plug into a church when they return home. In a way, serving at camp means I’m still serving the church too!

Topher: In your few months here, what has been a highlight for you and your family?

Naomie: It’s incredible the feeling of legacy that’s here at Mount Hermon. Getting to be a part of generations of parents and kids experiencing God here is both exciting and humbling. As a family, we’re thrilled to be part of the ministry work God is doing here for eternity.


We’re thrilled to have Naomie so passionately fitted to her role! Please lift Naomie and Mount Hermon’s Children’s Ministry team up in your prayers as they serve families through various events throughout the year. 

Interview By Topher Matson
Advancement Team


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